About Us

At the helm of Coastal Vintage is local couple John and Lynda Williams, who are passionate about the design and craftsmanship of vintage pieces.  By carefully selecting and presenting items, they hope that customers can appreciate how the clean lines can perfectly fit in with both period and modern interiors.  Often for the same price as a modern, mass produced item, you can have a quality, designed timeless piece that will only appreciate in value.  Buying vintage is a great form of recycling and comes with the added cachet of having the real thing in your home.

John and Lynda were also keen to help other local traders by giving them an opportunity to showcase their goods in an Aberystwyth high street shop – something that they would not be able to afford to do on their own.   By offering locals space in Coastal Vintage, it gives them a chance to build up their business and expand it, with a view to perhaps starting up on their own.  Also it ensures that Coastal Vintage offers a wide variety of items, as each dealer only buys what they love.

Having a local shop allows people in Aberystwyth the opportunity to come in and offer us items to buy.  We are able to give pieces a new lease of life when the alternative is selling it online or simply giving it away to charity.

What you see here at Coastal Vintage is just the start.  We are hoping to expand on the site throughout the next year, obviously depending on local support,  In particular, we plan to make good use of the garden to the rear and possibly some pop up shops at the back, so watch this space!